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Professor Stephen Tong

Mercy Hospital for Women, University of Melbourne

Professor Stephen Tong is a clinician-scientist (specialist obstetrician) at The Mercy Hospital for Women and The University of Melbourne. He leads The Translational Obstetrics Group, a team of 15-20 scientists and clinician-scientists.

He is strongly focussed on translational research - developing new diagnostics and treatments to tackle major complications that threaten the lives of mothers and babies. 

His team has taken 5-6 laboratory discoveries to international clinical trials running in United Kingdom, New Zealand and across Australia. These include drug treatments to treat ectopic pregnancy and preeclampsia. He is also developing new blood tests to help women avoid stillbirth.

 His current network of collaborations for major prospective studies and clinical trials for which he has a lead role spans South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom (60+ hospitals), New Zealand, Chile, Solomon Islands, Pakistan, and across Australia.

He has been awarded three NHMRC Achievement awards, has received 11 NHMRC project grants since 2011, holds an NHMRC Practitioners Fellowship, and has published over 140 papers.