Preliminary Program


1200 Registration  
1430 Welcome / Welcome to Country  
1500 Saving Mothers’ Lives in UK Laura Magee
1530 Saving Mothers’ Lives in Australia Michael Humphrey
1600 Saving Mothers’ Lives in Low Income Countries Geita Morea and Delly Babona
1620 Afternoon Tea  
1650 Perinatal Opportunities for Addressing Complex Intergenerational Trauma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Catherine Chamberlain
1720 AMOSS – recent findings Elizabeth Sullivan
1800 Welcome Drinks – Atrium Bar, level 35  


0715 Alexion Breakfast Symposia  
0830 SOMANZ Guidelines Update  

Concurrent Session One: Gastroenterology

0900 Management of Hepatitis C infection in Pregnancy Amanda Nicoll
0930 Inflammatory Bowel disease in pregnancy Sally Bell
1000 Cirrhosis / Liver failure / Liver transplants in pregnancy Kathy Paizis
1030 Gut wall barrier function is impaired in women who develop pregnancy complications and is no longer associated with dietary fibre intake Marloes Dekker Nitert
1040 Consistency with international guidelines regarding mothers with rheumatologic diseases exposed to tumour necrosis factor inhibitors (TNFi) during the ante- and postnatal periods and change over time Stephanie Bond
1050 A case series of pregnancies in solid organ transplant recipients at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in the past 10 years Jinwen He

Concurrent Session Two: Obesity

0900 Obesity in Pregnancy Michael Rasmussen
0930 Bariatric Surgery – pregnancy outcomes Helen Barrett
1000 Psychosocial Issues in Obesity Leonie Callaway
1030 Gestational weight loss in obese pregnant women Erin Fanning
1040 Sleep-disordered breathing in gestational hypertension and preeclampsia: Impact on maternal and fetal outcomes Danielle Wilson
1050 A mixed method analysis on factors that influences adherence to aspirin therapy in the prevention of preeclampsia amongst high-risk pregnant women Renuka Shanmugalingam
1100 Morning tea / posters  

Concurrent Session Three: HOW

1130 Maternal & Fetal Implications of red cell isoimmunisation Helen Savoia
1200 Fe deficiency Sant-Rayn Pasricha
1230 Diagnostic imaging for suspected pulmonary embolism during pregnancy and postpartum: A retrospective radiation dose study Jodie Tester
1240 Perinatal outcomes following intravenous compared with oral iron for the treatment of antenatal iron-deficiency anaemia Amanda Henry
1250 Thromboprophylaxis dosing for Venous Thromboembolism Prevention in Pregnancy Archana S Thayaparan

Concurrent Session Four: APN

1130 Management of severe hypertension in pregnancy Laura Magee
1200 Application of the sFlt-1:PlGF ratio to exclude pre-eclampsIa study: The ALEXIS Study George Mangos
1210 Nurse-initiated maternal health screening: a pragmatic approach to improving follow-up after hypertension and diabetes in pregnancy Catherine Brumby
1220 Protein Chaperones and sFlt-1:PlGF ratio in Preeclampsia: a Case-Control study Avindri G Abeygunasekara
1230 Effect of aspirin on placental growth factor (PlGF) in pregnancy and the development of preeclampsia Renuka Shanmugalingam
1240 Target Organ Changes at 6 months and 2 years following Preeclampsia - The P4 Study Jaime Worboys
1250 New generation antiplatelet agents reduce pathophysiological aspects of preeclampsia in human and mouse models of disease; representing exciting novel candidate therapeutics Natalie J Hannan
1300 Lunch / Official Poster Viewing  

Concurrent Session Five: Cardiology

1400 Pregnancy in women with Fontan circulation Dominica Zentner
1430 Fetal arrhythmias -maternal fetal therapy Darren Hutchinson
1500 'Risk stratification of pregnancy in women with heart disease William Parsonage
1530 Cardiovascular Outcome in Pregnancy in Far North Queensland Mimi Wong
1540 The Cardiac-Obstetric Registry of South Australia (COROSA): improving outcomes of pregnancy for women with heart disease. Analysis of retrospective cohort: 2013 – 2017 Jarrad Hopkins
1550 Non-invasive cardiac and haemodynamic measurement for prediction of pre-eclampsia in high-risk women Franziska Pettit

Concurrent Session Six: Endocrinology

1400 Graves’ disease – maternal and fetal considerations Simon Forehan
1430 Adrenal diseases in pregnancy Chris Yates
1500 Pituitary disorders in pregnancy Carmela Carputo
1530 Body Composition Measurement in Pregnancy using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: a MUMS sub-study Michelle Bai
1540 NThe P4 Study: Subsequent Pregnancy Maternal Physiology after Hypertensive and Normotensive Pregnancies Rose Kennedy
1550 Impaired cardiovascular adaptation to pregnancy in women who deliver a small-for-gestational-age baby Emma McBean
1600 Afternoon tea / SOMANZ AGM  
1630-1730 Obstetric Medicine Kahoot (Jo Said, Stefan Kane, Briony Cutts)  
1900 SOMANZ Dinner – Sofitel 35th floor  


0715 UCB Breakfast Symposia  
0830 Priscilla Kincaid-Smith Lecture: Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy – are we making progress? Angela Makris and Laura Magee
0930 PE – still a disease of theories? Basky Thilaganathan
1015 PE therapeutics Stephen Tong
1045 Morning tea / posters  
1115 Influenza in Pregnancy Robin Thurman
1145 HIV in pregnancy Michelle Giles
1215 CMV in pregnancy Antonia Shand
1245 - 1330 Meeting close / Presentation of Prizes and Obstetric Medicine Certificates  
1330 - 1430 Lunch