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Leonie Callaway

Professor Leonie Callaway is an Obstetric Physician, with a long track record in Obstetric Medicine Research.  She currently holds the position of Director of Research within Women’s and Newborn Services at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and holds professorial appointments at both the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.  She is immediate past Chair of the Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society and will commence her term as Co-Chair of the Queensland Maternal and Perinatal Quality Council in January 2020.  These roles have fitted with her interest in medical disorders of pregnancy, and the importance of preventing maternal mortality and morbidity. Her research has focussed on metabolism in pregnancy and the importance of the intrauterine and neonatal environment in influencing long term adult health. She has had continuous peer reviewed grant funding for over ten years, has published over 130 papers, and has supervised many research higher degree students to successful completion.  The most important life lessons Leonie has had to learn have been about self-care and self-compassion.    She tries (and often fails) to prioritise the importance of family, friends and community.  Apart from the time consuming work of parenting three teenagers with her husband Murray, she plays the piano, regularly swims in the ocean, enjoys time in nature, takes regular breaks from work, takes time to be still daily and occasionally attends long silent retreats.